Red Carpet Launch Party for Be The Shift


On June 14 I had the honor of representing Lovin Alex at the Be The Shift Launch Party. When I arrived I was amazed t all the press that was already set up, and wondered to myself what I had gotten into. But as I got out of the car I saw many friendly faces and felt right at ease. First to walk up was Crystal from our affiliate The Meraz Effect. Then I saw a few friendly faces who I had met on Sat at the Eclipse convention, including Rachael from Tinsel Dreams & Anita from QWP.

So after arriving and saying my hello’s to everyone, I found out that not only do we not have a place on the Red Carpet but the press who is there thinks that the event is an Eclipse wrap party. You would think the big sign that says BE THE SHIFT would have been a dead giveaway. Thanks to Jenn with Be The Shift everything was straightened out and we had a perfect spot to interview and get pics of all the Twilight cast.

The first to arrive was Tinsel Korey dressed in a skirt and her Be The Shift t-shirt. Tinsel was the first to walk the red carpet and after talking to the media she stopped and talked to the blogger group which I was in. The second to arrive was Edi Gathegi which he did not walk the red carpet or do any interviews. He made an appearance and then left a while later.

Soon after Edi’s departure we got news that “He” just finished Jimmy Kimmel and that he was wearing his Be The Shift shirt and that they were on their way. Soon after, Alex Meraz and Tyson Housman showed up. Alex and Tyson both were looking very dapper in suits. Alex talked with our group about the importance of Be The Shift, and his time in Peru filming “City of Gardens”

Chaske Spencer arrived in a hired car with his Manager  Josselyne Herman and that is when the craziness started taking pictures, interview after interview. Finally Chaske made his way to us. He talked about Be The shift and what people can do to help. He also talked about how we the fans can start projects right in our own communities.

Video of Alex from the Launch Party Thanks to The Meraz Effect & BlackPack

So Remember text BETHESHIFT to 66937


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