Eeko Blog: AlexMeraz.com launches

July 12th, 2010 :: text by eeko ninja :: New Project: AlexMeraz.com launches ::

I get a call from Kim Meraz a few months ago about building a site for her husband Alex, who happened to be in the Twilight series. (Insert pause for teenage girl squeel).

So we hit up the Paradise Bakery and talk it over. I find out Alex is not only an actor. He is an an insanely talented artist and dancer. We weren’t building just a site for his acting career, but a site to show off his amazing talent as an artist.

This has been one of the most freeing projects eeko studio has taken on in a long time. Kim, Alex and I, sat and talked about how the site would unfold and how to implement his artwork into a truly creative experience. Each page carefully planned. Each movement in tune with the style of his work. We dig in and talk about him personally and how his art is a reflection of his passions. About his personality and how his life has changed since they had their son. About mixed martial arts, California, dancing and how he started drawing because of a Snoopy sketch he made when he was young.

So dig in, wander around and see the original artwork of Alex Meraz and see him as he is, an artist. Skilled in several disciplines.

Site and cards by eeko studio, printed on 100% recycled, powered through wind

Source: Eeko Studio


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