Alex Meraz interview from Peru

LIMA |Devoted to the making of the film city of garden in our capital, American actor Alex Meraz jawed with this production mailing Hollywood and the amount which meant in his career having played Paul Wolf Man in the twilight series.

“My name is Nicaragua in the film, a boy who kills a policeman with a pair of scissors and goes to prison; why was put me three gold teeth”, was smiling.

Friend of the Peruvian Pocahontas Q ‘ Orianka Kilcher Los Angeles, Meraz adds that it has always had interest of our country.

“Is it the reason why I wanted to come and learn about their culture.” We are very good friends and told me that my son Sumac name comes from the quechua language. I liked the Peruvian cuisine, especially the lomo (saltado). “I would like to know Cusco, but I will not be able to go because I must return to Los Angeles to film,” said.

Married with a Vietnamese and Mexican parents, Meraz indicated that his first language was Spanish, but had to adapt to English when he studied at the New School for the Arts (new school of the Arts) in Los Angeles.

“My parents died already, why not have someone who practise Spanish”, commented.

WOLF MAN. Changing the subject, Meraz said that having played one of Wolf men in the film New Moon series twilight opened you the gates in the film.

“Twilight changed my life.” I am happy to have this opportunity to join an important series and that everyone likes. We already recorded part called Eclipse (to be released in June) and depends on the book if I will participate in breaking dawn. Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner are good people to work, they knew much about the design of the tape. “Because of the effects is a saga that you liked not only the chiquillas but also children,” he concluded.

“A history of the 80s” for his part, American actor John Robinson, protagonist of the film, said only that this story “is based on a fact happened in the 1980s”. It embodies an American drug trafficking to a Peruvian prison enters and faced police and criminals, those who want to steal your money.

César Salazar csalazar@epensa.com.pe

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