Alex Meraz at Creation Entertainment Offical Twilight Convention in Los Angeles Ca.


Alex Meraz appeared today at the Official Twilight Convention in L.A. Thanks to the staff over at http://www.twilightish.com/ we are posting a summary of their tweets from the convention. Follow them @twilightishblog Now on to Alex’s Q&A

First off, Alex talked about his artwork stating that he has been painting for fifteen years. When he was younger he’d cut his hair tape it to twigs melt crayons and paint with that. He gets his inspiration from Salvador Dali and comic books. He loves fantasy art.

Alex was eating dinner when he found out he got the role of Paul. Alex had originally tried out for the part of Sam. He was fine with having his shirt off all the time in New Moon; it was part of his role.

He also loved having Leah in the pack; He tortured her and blew her kisses. He knew that blowing kisses to girls bothers them, and Kristen was the first girl on set that he experimented with. Kristen was annoyed at him for blowing kisses at her. She was disgusted and said that he reminded her of her brother. Alex calls his face the moneymaker and that he was afraid Kristen would really punch him.

The strangest thing that has happened to Alex recently was that he almost cried when he was walking out from a script-reading and also a car full on fan-girls screamed at him and really startled him.

Alex’s guilty pleasure is Lady Gaga since Chaske turned him on to her.


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